Dear Pia,

Mr Jason spoke to you.

I am Mr Shiv from India. We need hydraulic hinges in SS 304 material. Please send the price and catalogue.


Dear Mr shiv,
I am very glad that you are interested in our product.

The quotation you need is in the attachments.

The product we quote you is made of real SS 304 material, which is waterproof and is different from the so-call SS304 in market, which may be made of SS201 and rust soon. You can test our product with SS304 exclusive liquid medicine.

BTW, the hinges you need are used for what kind of product?

If the hinges often have to been under acid and water conditions, we suggest that you can try our product.

Except for SS 304 hinge, we also have 3D fast transfer hinge,two way hydraulic hinge,26mm cup mini one way hinge and so on.

Besides hinge, we also have slide, such as heavy duty slide, double wall slide, ball bearing slide, American slide with faceframe, undermounted three or two folds slide, etc.

I also send you some of our product catalogues, which are also in the attachments.

If you have any question, pls feel free to ask.

We will reply you asap.

Have a nice day.